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SMA SUNNY BEAM met Bluetooth nog beperkt leverbaar


De SMA SUNNY BEAM met Bluetooth is wegens assortimentsverandering van de leverancier nog beperkt leverbaar. Het product wordt opgevold door de Sunny View.
Lees hieronder het volledige bericht van SMA Solar Technology:

SMA is continually launching innovations and new products into the market. Therefore, the following products will be discontinued as we enhance our product portfolio:

SUNNY BEAM with Bluetooth®
SUNNY BEAM with Bluetooth® has been a reliable companion for monitoring of resi-dential PV plants for several years. Now that SMA offers SUNNY VIEW, residential cus-tomers can choose a more modern and intuitive visualization. Thus SUNNY BEAM with Bluetooth® will only be available according to the schedule below.
- End of production: June 30, 2013
- Last Order Call: May 31, 2013
- Purchase commitments exist. Orders cannot be canceled.
- Succeeding product: SUNNY VIEW
SMA SUNNY BEAM met Bluetooth nog beperkt leverbaar


11 Jun '13

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